Benefits for the dairy farmer

Dairy aptitude has been the subject of numerous studies within the field of farm animals. These have examined the effects between different cattle breeds and within individual breeds the relative genetic variability, estimating genetic responses, particularly in the Italian Holstein population. It was thus possible to include this new character in new genomic indexes, such as Pro Caseus.

Higher income

All these studies have shown that it is possible to include cheese-making aptitude in the genomic index to genetically improve dairy cows for milk coagulation time and cord consistency, without affecting the annual genetic improvement for milk, fat and protein.
Other studies have evaluated in the field the effect of cheese-making aptitude of milk on cheese yield. These studies have shown that milk with an excellent level of cheese-making aptitude can improve cheese yield by 2% to 10% compare

Given the importance of this trait, in Italy it is of considerable interest to estimate its economic value in order to determine the impact of this trait compared to others commonly selected.
All this means that milk produced by Pro Caseus animals helps farmers to earn more money.

For breeders who are members of a dairy cooperative, a very common case in the Parmigiano Reggiano area, the advantages brought by Pro Caseus turn into both a higher annual production of cheese (higher income) and better quality (higher price).

Therefore, for the same number of liters sold, members will obtain a better dividend per liter of milk among members.
Breeders who process milk in their own dairy with Pro Caseus have a tangible improvement in cheese yield on their farm, thanks to the possibility of using only the milk of the best cows for Pro Caseus Index.

In the case of dairy farmers who sell their milk to the dairy companies, Pro Caseus makes it possible to monetize the more cheese-making suitable characteristics of the milk. In modern milk-quality payment tables, cheese-making aptitude is already being added to conventional parameters.

Herd improvement with Pro Caseus

With Pro Caseus, breeders have a great tool for improving the cheese-making aptitude of their herd.
This can be achieved by setting up a genetic program, selecting both male and female Pro Caseus subjects.

Intermizoo staff is available to set up custom fit Pro Caseus genetic and mating programs.

Intermizoo proposes three possible ways for a fast improvement in the herds.
In order of selecting breeding intensity:

  • Use of the best Intermizoo Pro Caseus sires, to obtain females genetically superior compare the breed average;
  • Pro Caseus genomic testing on females in the herd, and use of sexed semen of Pro Caseus bulls on heifers and cows with better Pro Caseus Index;
  • Analysis of milk from each cow for Pro Caseus Index, in addition to the Pro Caseus genomic test.

By adding the genomic results to the phenotypic results, the cows from which the milk will be destined for cheese-making can be chosen (when the milk produced on the farm has more than one destination).

On the website, further documentation is available for more research about genomics.