Better Cheese quality

The better quality of cheese made from the milk of Pro Caseus animals has also emerged from the numerous experimental tests carried out comparing different types of milk.

Better Cheese Quality

The results of the comparative sensory analysis show that cheese made with Pro Caseus milk has a greater intensity of color, flavor and taste. The Pro Caseus cheese has less sour taste and it’s texture is less crumbly. It also did not show any cooked or crusty smell and taste.
Other cheeses produced with not optimal milk for cheese-making aptitude revealed less intense and less reach color, smell and flavor being more sour and dry.

The best organoleptic quality of the cheese comes from the evolution and maturation of the curd. A good milk destined to cheese making should quickly form a firm and stable curd. It is evident that every unitary increase of coagulation time cause a loss of about 0.25 kg of cheese obtainable from 100 kg of milk.
An inadequate and not homogeneous dehydration of the curd and of the cheese mass can influence the development of microbial fermentations, causing negative repercussions on cheese texture and taste and, as a consequence, a negative impact on the commercial value of the product.

The numbers of the Italian dairy industry

Italy is the European country with the most PDO, PGI and TSG products, 53 of which are related to cheese. A record to be proud of, thanks to the contribution of the dairy chain.
The Italian dairy industry accounts for 12% of total European production, and ranks 3rd behind Germany and France in terms of volume, but 1st in terms of product quality.

Beyond the production, the importance of the dairy industry also lies in the creation of jobs – about 25 thousand Italians are employed in this sector. More than two thousand companies that produce, process, and often export dairy products. Italy exports annually over 85 thousand tons of milk outside Europe (source Assolatte).
The dairy industry has a certain structural complexity and could be considered as a set of several systems: farms, processors, trading and sales.
Italy produces 6.1% of the world’s cheese and is among the top 10 countries in the world. As far as milk production is concerned, however, we are farther in the ranking, therefore, the quality of the milk for cheese production is very important in Italy, as well as its cheese-making aptitude.

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