Elite bulls selection

In this page you can find an elite selection of PRO CASEUS BULLS. Chosen from the Intermizoo bull range, they combine high Pro Caseus Genomic Index with high genetic proofs for production, type and management traits.


Index Pro Caseus: 114

Redkiss is one of the best genomic Intermizoo bulls by Pro Caseus Index. A Red Holstein bull with very complete and balanced proofs.

Cruyff RF PC

Index Pro Caseus: 112

Among our daughter proven bulls, Cruyff is the best for Pro Caseus. He’s Polled and his daughters stand out for high milk production with excellent cheese-making aptitude.


Index Pro Caseus: 109

With many daughters now in third lactation, it confirms itself as an excellent sire for longevity, functionality and high cheese-making aptitude.


Index Pro Caseus: 109

One of the first bulls having joined the Intermizoo program based on the PRO CASEUS index of his maternal line.


Index Pro Caseus: 108

Dubliner combines a high Pro Caseus index with high genomic proofs for GPFT, production, type and longevity.


Index Pro Caseus: 108

He combines a high Pro Caseus Index with a truly complete package including a very unique pedigree, featuring excellent cows for type and longevity.


Index Pro Caseus: 105

One of the most successful daughter proven bulls at Intermizoo. His daughters develop extremely well with age and they have high cheese-making aptitude.


Index Pro Caseus: 107

Besides the high Pro Caseus index, Spoiler has exceptional genomic proofs for udder functionality, with ideal teat size and placement.


Index Pro Caseus: 107

Clash is one of the most successful Intermizoo proven sires. Osaka is his son having the highest Pro Caseus index, as well as very complete genomic proofs.


Index Pro Caseus: 107

A Rally son coming from a new cow family excelling for high Pro Caseus index, high longevity and lifetime production.


Index Pro Caseus: 106

Fiorio comes from a new cow family, which has been discovered thanks to genomics. He has an alternative pedigree, featuring long lasting, extremely productive cows.


Index Pro Caseus: 103

A great daughter proven bull confirming his qualities as foundation sire in both female and male lines. A real specialist in economic traits.


Index Pro Caseus: 105

Among the type specialists in the Intermizoo range. His daughters have excellent type and udders, and their milk proves to be very suitable for cheese-making.

Hermano PC

Index Pro Caseus: 105

He stands out for the balance of his proofs. He’s a real sustainability champion, as he combines a high Pro Caseus index and polled gene.


Index Pro Caseus: 104

He combines good Pro Caseus index with very balanced proofs and a positive BCS. He can improve rump angle.


Index Pro Caseus: 104

He descends from one of the most renowned Italian cow families. His genomic proof display an excellent milking speed-somatic cells ratio.


Index Pro Caseus: 108

Hipster combines high GPFT and ICS-PR proofs with a remarkable Pro Caseus index. A modern and all-round sire pattern featuring great daughter longevity and fertility.


Index Pro Caseus: 104

A sire with an outcross pedigree and extreme production figures. Pro Caseus is not all about quality only, but quantity too.


Index Pro Caseus: 104

Daughter proven bull with extremely reliable proofs. His daughters are correct and balance cows developing into great cows with the lactations.

Dragon PC

Index Pro Caseus: 104

Un best seller nel parco tori Polled Intermizoo. Ha un profilo genetico completo, e arriva da una famiglia di vacche con alti punteggi e latte di qualità.

Kitami PP RF

Index Pro Caseus: 103

An interesting bull for those breeders looking at sustainability and cow welfare: being homozygous polled, all his daughters will be born without horns.