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Pro Caseus is the result of the collaboration between Intermizoo and the University of Padova

Thanks to the long research activity applied to genomics, Intermizoo and the University of Padova have developed Pro Caseus: a genomic index that allows breeders to select animals with a better aptitude for cheese-making.
The milk produced by Pro Caseus cows has a better yield in the processing phase, and makes it possible to obtain a curd with the right consistency and optimal processing times. When you choose Pro Caseus animals, you know that you are choosing animals selected to produce milk of superior value.

Pro Caseus
Research applied to genomics

The Pro Caseus index is the genomic index for cheese-making aptitude, patented by the University of Padova and Intermizoo, for the moment applied to the Holstein breed.

Cheese-making aptitude can be defined, therefore, as the ability of milk to react with a coagulant and to form a curd of suitable consistency within the optimal time for processing.

Pro Caseus
One index, many qualities

The better quality of cheese made from the milk of Pro Caseus animals has also emerged from the numerous experimental tests carried out comparing different types of milk. The results of the comparative sensory analysis show that cheese made with Pro Caseus milk has a greater intensity of color, flavor and taste.

Pro Caseus
A big slice of profit

Pro Caseus produces a milk with suitable characteristics and determines an increase in yield between 2% and 10%, depending on the type of cheese.
This increase in cheese yield is due to an improvement in the coagulation characteristics of the milk.

Separate cheese making has shown that Pro Caseus milk (i.e. milk with an optimal dairy attitude) guarantees a higher cheese yield, less weight loss during aging and less cheese waste due to aging defects.

Pro Caseus bulls

The Pro Caseus genomic index is expressed on a 100 basis with a standard deviation of 5. An index higher than 100 highlights bulls that improve cheese-making aptitude.
Bulls with a Pro Caseus index of 115 give daughters producing milk with a yield 10% higher than average.
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